HyeSung on Dancing 9
Me: ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HyeSung on Dancing 9

Me: ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Warning : non shinhwa and rant coming up

I just watched ep 8 of night watchman journal cos of uknow yunho and i want the writers to return my 1 hour spent waiting for MooSeok to do something except adore the king.

I will watch Eric’s one a little later because i like Yunho a bit more than i like Eric. Lol.

I can hear myself say to MooSeok move your ass move your ass move your ass where the f are u at this time of fg crisis i thought u were d best swordsman MY ASS. Hahaha

He doesnt make a move towards the girl. He didnt fight. He didnt say more than 4 lines. He is mute. Doesnt move. Doesnt do anything funny. There is a huge fire and MooSeok stands there like a model. He doesnt moonwalk or do popping moves.

The ahjumma at the inn did more than Mooseok.

Changmin’s instrumental song got more lines than Yunho. Yes. INSTRUMENTAL SONG. Lol.

I just wasted my fg time on this episode. And cooked dinner late because of it.

Stupid writers. I hope they read this. 😈

Ok. I think i am done. Lucky i have to wait until next week for ep 9.

On to Eric’s show. Thanks for letting me rant. This is the only sorta kpop blog i have and i was bursting at the seams.


Shinhwa, u ok?

Sorry i was distracted by life, events, kids’ birthdays, mom’s birthday…..and a little bit of Do Min Joon. ;-)

But i am back. You knew i would be back.


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Because ANDY exists SHINHWA also exists.
Credits on pic.


Because ANDY exists SHINHWA also exists.

Credits on pic.


Anonymous said: Why do you still like Super Junior? they are old and worthless, newer groups like exo are so much better!!!!!


Is growing old supposed to be embarrassing? Experience, assets from all things in the universe, composure, and wisdom. I’m not at all embarrassed of my father who is much older than me. People who believe young age is a weapon are foolish. There is no need to be proud of a weapon which will disappear, not grow stronger - Eric Mun (Shinhwa)


Ok. I like KBS again

shinhwa not banned

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